A journey to distributed

I recently started my studies on distributed systems. In the past few years, I’ve been working as a software engineer and have already worked in distributed systems, but just a while ago I felt the necessity of having a deep understanding (theory, practices, trade-offs, etc) of the subject.

I’m reading/watching a lot and everything is very new to me - mainly the theoretical part -, so I’ll use this blog as a brain dump. I don’t have the pretention to teach someone (but I will be very happy for sharing this path with you), I just need a way to document what I’m learning. Feel free to follow me on this journey. I’ll like to have some help on the path, don’t go away.

Bruno Henrique - Garu

Software Craftsman. Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, Testing, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning enthusiast. Philosophy and Education lover. Software Engineer at Enjoei. @RuPyNatal organizer

Natal/RN, Brazil http://garulab.com